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10th anniversary in 2012

Thanks to Dvorah Goodman and Ori Kagan.

Bill Morell

Sent: Monday, February 06, 2012 10:17 PM

So, I’m not good at Jewish and Roman calendar reconciliation; I just know this time of year, when the winter has grown long and brief days seem especially dark, I have reason to keep you and all the Goodmans in prayer. I pray for the gift of years. Ten seems a good marker for smiling memories to dominate all others. May Tani’s youthful gifts be a consoling and lasting blessing for you because they are beyond age or years or diminishment.

I stand quietly beside you in prayer… and I smile with you. Billy

Jerry Goodman

Passover 2011

Email to Tani
Tani@heaven .G-d

Dear Tani

You are the afikoman that we will never find but always seek. Ten years is too long to wait for you like Elijah to walk trough the door with the family standing strong and proud as the door is opened.
Do not worry we only use you for our black humor, a few tears and sometimes for an excuse like a get out of jail free card.

We got our sojourn in Egypt cut short and we were given signs and miracles so if the children of Israel got a break and some neat g-dly performances, then do a mitzvah and give Mom a present and visit her in her dreams. Kiss her, hug and tell her what I know, that you always love her so that she can wake up with a smile.

I miss you too

Passover 2011 ( from TANI!)

Dearest Family,

This year mom has decided to continue the Goodman tradition—“the Talk to Tani before the Hagim” tradition, which I really enjoy since you began a few years ago.

You see, this year I decided to do you all a favor and I’m going to do the talking, that’s right, me, Tani, your littlest son and brother and brother- in- law.

For me its strange when you talk about missing me, you see for me I have only just arrived up here. I only just almost blinked my eye and whew, almost 10 Earth years have gone by. I’m new at everything, but really do love the perks of being here. We travel at the speed of light, or just above it, so we can see the universe expanding behind us! And there are lots of other little worlds out here, you just haven’t met them yet.

But, enough of me, and my rather Atomic particle life. I want to say a little something to each of you so you won’t get bored with my talking too much.

I want to begin with Shiri Netanel, the littlest one (till Yaeli’s little girl comes down to earth). Shiri, I am so proud you carry my name, tell your mom and dad thanks for this. You’re a great little kid, and we had a great time up here till you were born. And Avital Hodiya, what a great name this is, such strength it will give you and always has. You girls are going to do great things…only I know how great and its going to be very exciting for me to see how happy you both make everyone around you.

Noam Ben Zvi, what a name that is…I carry the “N” for Noam, and your great granddad Ben and your other great granddad Zvi are my good friends here…they love that your folks decided to call you for them. And I see the terrific sports guy you are, what a shot. One dad we’ll play one-on-one and I promise not to cheat…well…almost!

Now for my Ana-Ana –Ana- Ana- El- Ey!!!! How I loved to hold you and play with you. I want to say I am sorry for all the times we swung you around and around and hope we (me and Avichai) didn’t pull your arms too much. Anyway it was Avichai who did most of the pulling. You are and always will be for meיפה שלי.. את כול מילות האהבה אקשור בסרט” ” that’s the song I loved to sing to you….

And now we get to the real stuff…Avichai, now I could take you any time, any place. Man, I love you but don’t let it go to your head! Your dreams, hey, they are really are our dreams, I am sorry to say. Keep remembering your dreams, man, its great when you tell mom and dad all about them. It makes them feel terrific—so just keep dreaming
And by the way….here is the real Gez of Gezzies….I knew Inbal before You!!! That’s going to be a great deal, I am proud of you, man. I’m proud of you for everything…and thanks for giving me all that credit in Berlin—I will always be the wind underneath your wings.!

Yaeli—you don’t have to be sad that I will never meet your children, or that I never met Justin…I knew both kids before you did!! Noam and I played one- on- one up here for days before you even saw him . By the way, the baby is gorgeous and she looks like you. Lets hope she doesn’t remember all the jokes I told her that came from you. Sorry about that. Youre a great mom, a great wife, I love you. And Justin and I are old buddies. He may not know it but we were good friends in another life, that’s why he married you. Justin, I am sorry about that…Keep up the good work, Justin, and keep those Jews coming home.

Micah, you’re a star but you always were. You need to keep practicing basketball, though don’t get lazy. It’s the best sport in the world…and I’ll tell you the same as I told Avichai, I could take you any time at any place. Just name it. And what’s this business of writing a book that they are all talking about when they get here? Even I am famous for having you for a brother. I love you, man, but the best part of you is Zippy and the girls…Zippy, you are my true sister. I am so happy for you that you now have two kids, and even tho my brother isn’t much help, his heart is in the right place and its all yours. Good luck in your future plans…you’ll be terrific, don’t worry about a thing. !!!

Dvorah, you think that when the lights flicker it’s a sign from me, and you know what?? You may be right!!! I don’t really control the lights…but when you think of me, I am right next to your side. I love you, I don’t miss you yet and I don’t want you to miss me too much. By the way, the hair is GREAT!!! You look good, and the new job is the best decision you’ve made in a long time…kol hakavod.! Keep it up. The best job you have is being Anaeli’s mom, and youre the such a great mom.

Now we get to Mom and Dad, Well, what can I say? I see you guys are great, doing so well. I am terrified of what you’re going to do to me when you get here, please accept my apology for leaving the way I did. I really didn’t mean it.

Dad, the work is going great and I see everything…its going to keep up for a good while. Youre smart and you know how to play your cards. Oh yes, I can now say for sure that anytime you want to play one-on-one, or even gorilla bball, I won’t lose my temper. I won’t get mad and run inside to mommy, but I will beat you for sure! I love you, Dad. Keep thinking I am just downstairs asleep. It makes me feel good!

And mom, you did take my side too often, but Avichai drove me crazy with his Gezi faces. I don’t blame you for siding with me—but I needed to fight my own battles. Hey, mom, please don’t feel bad that you don’t dream about me too much. I have no control over these dreams you dream, but you don’t remember them anyway, so don’t worry about it.


I understand you the best. You want to sleep all day long and do what you want. I have been trying hard for protecztia here to fix your genes so that you will learn to run and learn when to be afraid. I also took lessons in running after I missed that last gate. All that running with Avichai everyday, with Micah in his underpants, with Mommy and with Daddy, if you can call that running, has made me just a bit faster than before and I will not miss another date.

As for myself. I have it good. I have no worries, I play and pray and do my thing and most of all I am proud of all of you.

Keep up the good works you are all perfect just the way you are.

Happy Passover.

Here we only eat Hametz. Sorry

In the end we’ll all be together, and we’ll have lots of happy times, too.

Great Uncle Jack Vessels

The anniversary of Tani’s arrival in Heaven is coming up soon, so he keeps nudging me to drop you a line or two to share the love he has for us all & wants us to grow in with each other. Just sitting here with my fingers bouncing off the keyboard brings back all the images of home, family, & friends that became so much a part of my life six months ago! In little ways rather than big, I sense the lasting values of the experience that shape my own faith & relationship to God in the reality of here & there, now as well as then. Granted, it’s a pretty haphazard sensation, but one that’s of the spirit world, where Tani has been a home for some time. I realize there’s a depth to it I’ll not plumb completely till I join him; but it remains an invitation to continue along the paths discovered, & quite fascinating to explore. Haven’t gotten far into Rambam yet, but each page brings a greater admiration for him & a desire to bring his wisdom, not just more fully into my own mind, but to bear on the present historical moment of a new Israel & its place in God’s Providence…
I do hope his (Micah’s) newly published book is selling well, & that soon he’ll see it published in English & other languages as well. Don’t know how long it’s going to be till I do join Tani, but what fun it’s going to be to participate in Micah’s successes more closely from a divine perspective…!
Much love, JACK”
Father Jack Vessels, Tani’s Great Uncle

Shali Kleinhous

I’m so sorry but I won’t be able to make it today since I have an exam.
As always, I will be thinking of you and will be there in spirit.
Sending you strength and a lot of love.

Yaffa Bernstein

“Dear Maggie and Jerry,
I just wanted to send your whole family a warm hug from New York. I’ll be thinking of you all on Sunday, wishing I could be there in person…
Have a Shabbat Shalom – lots of love
Jessica (Yaffa) Bernstein”

Maia and Ofer Kedar

“Dear Maggie, Jerry and kids,
We are thinking of you and Tani today.
We miss him so much and send big hugs and prayers your way.
All the best from Sunnyvale, CA
Love always,
Maia & Ofer, Yaeli, Michali and Shira”

Debbie Kapp

“Maggie and gerry and family,

Neil and I and our girls send you love today. We wish we could be with you. We are with you in our hearts.

All our love,
Debbie Kapp”

Susan and Jack Goldberg

Dear Maggie and Jerry and family,
We wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you, and hoping that
our thoughts and prayers are of some comfort to you at this difficult
time, of the yahrzeit of your beloved Tani. You are always so
wonderful to our family when we are in Israel, and we wish you only
happiness and simchas from now on.
Susan and Jack Goldberg, Eric, Ally and Noa Lander, and Michael Lander

Brian and Sue Gilbert

“Dearest Maggie and Jerry,
We are thinking of you all today.

We send you our love, our solidarity and deepest sympathy remembering your terrible loss and honouring the memory of your beloved Tani.

Brian and Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”