The Tani Way... Continued

Here we will find a collection of writings by members of Tani’s family after his death, writings by friends, aunts, uncles and cousins. Many are messages of condolence we received. Some are thoughts about Tani written after his death in 2002. 

19th anniversary

Here find the 19th anniversary ZOOM memorial Feb. 2021.   

You may find the main speakers in this video according to times here:
Aviva Hahn: 18:15
Moshik Shorr: 24:50
Lital Casper: 31:50
Adina Greenberg: 43:00 

Many family members and friends from around the world joined us in this exceptionally beautiful memorial to Tani.

Songs by Dvorah Goodman 15:15  41:39 49:38;  Helen Ben Naeh 1:02; Zippy Cedar 1:020; Renana Caspi 1:10:15; Jeff Love 1:10:30; Keren Love 1:11:15; Barbie Love 1:19;  Meg Gardiner 1:12:20; Sara Gardiner 1:24: 02  Kathy Ramseur 1:26:30; Ohad Greyevski 1:30:30 

In addition, we have included the beautiful “In Loving Memory” by Tani’s grandmother, Sara Goodman. The eulogies said at Tani’s funeral can be found here. 

Words cannot express our appreciation for all these shared reflections that we continue to treasure.


Here are the eulogies given at Tani’s funeral and graveside service — Friday morning, 11:00am, February 8 th, 2002. The eulogies and kaddish were said at Tani’s school, Hartman Secondary, Jerusalem. Tani was then buried on Har Ha Menuhot, Jerusalem, where his sister Yael and his brother Avichai spoke. All have been translated from Hebrew to English.

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