The MaTani Project

This project aids the Food Carton Delivery Program of the Hartman High school’s Charity Board, an initiative run by the pupils themselves. In the year 2000, the pupils began weekly food carton deliveries to families in need.  This prize-winning project sees pupils gathering foodstuffs including poultry from wholesalers, and donations of food.  These are packed and delivered weekly by the pupils to 20 families in need.  Bar and Bat Mitzvahs also volunteer. Tani was a member of the class that initiated and ran this project from the beginning.                        


Friday Hot Meals “ K’Shishi” (since 2016) 

Pupils cook and deliver hot meals to 150 live-alone elderly. For many this is their only hot meal of the week. Pupils cook the meals in a community kitchen for Friday delivery. The produce is gathered from unsold or “rescued” stock. Number of meals increased in 2020-21 due to severity of need brought about by Covid restrictions.   

These programs are run by dedicated Hartman educators: Drori Yehoshua and Bini Meir.  The Hartman School has recently built a small “home” on its campus to house these projects and others of the school “Vaadat Zedaka” or Charity Board.”

״המפגש עם המשפחות הכי מרגש שיש״

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