List of Contributors

Jerry Goodman


Today is Half Time
Tani has been physically gone as long as he was physically present.
Tani was a basket ball player. Elitzur ,
HARTMAN. Scouts he played for them all.
Half time is always a time of evaluation. What can we say as we huddle around his grave.
Our family and friends are a team.
Well, Tani we are still sad and find it hard to accept that you are really not here. We continue your faith in Hapoel Yerusalim
We strive to keep your name in play.
We try to maintain what we called your way- The Tani Way
Community service
So during the break between the past and the next period.
We want to tell you that you are still our Star. Your youthful leadership still guides us on.
You will never be forgotten. Your earthly performance put you into the Hall of Fame.

Bill Morell

Dear Jerry and Maggie,
By my calendar, today is Toni’s anniversary. The timing is less significant than the sentiment of solidarity with you in remembering him… forever youthful, gregarious, passionate, and playful. I’m interested to hear of you words on half time, Jerry.
Let good memories and pride bolster your days of remembrance.
PS: see you in March

Brian Gilbert

Dearest Maggie and Jerry,
I just wanted to send my love to you and your wonderful family today of all days in memory of Tani.
I hope you’re in good health, and that life is flourishing despite its sorrows – as I have little doubt that it is.
I miss you, and hope I’ll be able to come over to Israel soon.
Loads and loads of love,
Brian xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rachel and Joe Rosen

Dear Maggie and Jerry
We were very moved by this afternoon’s azkara and the touching analogy in Jerry’s words of the half time and the team playing together.
Please find attached a certificate for a donation that we have made in Tani’s memory.
May you always be surrounded by the love of all the family and friends and continue to generate such positive activities to perpetuate Tani’s memory.
Much love from all the family
Rachel and Joe

Marsha Kaitz and Amit

Maggie and Jerry,
We are in the North but our hearts are with you. Still and always.
Your family is one of the most uplifting that I know. A model for us all.
Sending love,
Marsha and Amit ♡♡♡♡

Esther Meyer

מגי אהובה,
שלחתי לכולם את ההזמנה.
אני לא מאמינה שאריאל מעביר את השיעור.
אני מאד רוצה לבוא, אבל לא בטוחה שאצליח. אני במצוקת ביייביסטרים קשה. כולם כל הזמן חולים כאן.
אני אעשה מאמץ לבוא .
חושבת עליכם תמיד. שולחת לכם חיבוק.
לא ייאמן שעברו 17 שנה. פשוט לא ייאמן.