The TANI Run

This annual run of 8 KM remembers Tani’s birthday on November 20th. The first run was held in 2002, and has continued through the years. The run circles Mt. Eitan, just outside of Jerusalem. Over 10,000 runners, walkers and bikers have joined the Tani Goodman memorial run throughout the years. The 2019 Tani Run was the last public run due to Covid restrictions. The Masuot Scouts Troop is planning a “return of the Tani Run” in November, 2021. The Tani Run is supported by the Tani Fund, and has been organized yearly by Avichai Goodman.

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Tani Run – #15 in 2016 (video)

Tani Run – #16 in 2017 (video)

Tani Run 15, 2016

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