The Tani Library

The Tani Library (SifriaTani) is supported by the Tani Fund

The Tani Goodman Library The “SifriaTani” was founded in 2002 by friends of Tani from Hartman School.  The library, located in the Hartman Secondary School, was founded to provide school text books to any Jerusalem pupil of any family who applies, who are unable to purchase these books on their own.  The value of the project is estimated at NIS 300,000. The project is operated by pupils of Hartman and other schools who volunteer their time in updating the unique data base of the library (which was designed by one of Tani’s dear friends), to renewing the used textbooks, to purchasing new textbooks and in giving out and receiving the textbooks from each family both after the summer vacation has begun till the start of the new academic year. 

For more information, contact or through the Hartman High School in Jerusalem.

  Sifria Tani Volunteers 2019

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